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Example of application letter Essay

I’m writing to express my interest in the Web Content Specialist position listed on Monster.com. I have experience building large, consumer-focused health-based content sites. While much of my experience has been in the business world, I understand the social value of the non-profit sector and my business experience will be an asset to your organization. My responsibilities included the development and management of the site’s editorial voice and style, the editorial calendar, and the daily content programming and production of the web site.

I worked closely with health care professionals and medical editors to help them provide the best possible information to a consumer audience of patients. In addition, I helped physicians learn to utilize their medical content to write user-friendly, readily comprehensible text. Experience has taught me how to build strong relationships with all departments at an organization. I have the ability to work within a team as well as cross-team. I can work with web engineers to resolve technical issues and implement technical enhancements, work with the development department to implement design and functional enhancements, and monitor site statistics and conduct search engine optimization. Thank you for your consideration.


First Name Last Name

Sample Resume

I am looking for a position at This Company where I can maximize my programming skills, project management, leadership skills, and create new and exciting tools.

I have had 3 years experience in web design and development. I am fimilar with a lot of the languages and software used in creating projects for the web. Futhermore, I have great project management skills and also work well either alone or with a group. I have also worked on small projects and large public releases for large companies.

Design Media
College Humor, Seattle, WA
Graduated: January 2008
Grade: College

Employment History
December 2007 – Present: Web Designer
Company: ComStream
Seattle, Washington
Worked as team lead on many different client projects.

Professional Skills
Adobe Photoshop – Expert
Adobe Illustrator – Expert
Adobe Dreamweaver – Advanced
Php – Advanced

January 2006: New Media Design
Organization: School of Technology
San Fransico
Czech – Beginner
Vietnamese – Conversational

Immigration / Work Status
December 2041 – Permanent Resident – United States

Essay Topics:

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