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Examinations Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Final examination

Generally, the final exam determines the overall grade and this in itself is a great flaw in the idea of final exams. It encourages students to take short-cuts and learn only what is needed for the exam, rather than rewarding those who have worked hard to learn all that they can throughout the year. It also adds a lot of pressure to students and some students who work very hard but do not do well in exam conditions may end up getting worse grades than the student who crammed the night before and was cool under pressure. This is very unfair and makes the students’ overall grades less credible as evidence of their academic ability. Furthermore, it has been proven…

Cyber education

Examinations are a means of measuring the students’ learning in school and their capacity for further education. In this regard, the manner of teaching and the students’ learning methods are important. A student, while in primary and secondary schools, greatly relies on the teachers for knowledge, except for a few who do personal researches to further their understanding. More often than not, a student accepts what the teachers offer in school. With this set up, a student has to be abreast and attentive with classroom discussion. He should take down notes and submit in a timely manner the projects and assignments given in school. Participation in classroom discussion and school activities must be encouraged. Interest in school must be inculcated…


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