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Everything Comes to Him Who Waits Essay

If there would be someone impatient would ask for my words of wisdom, these are the words I would say: everything is possible if you believe, if you pray for it, if you work for it and if you really mean it, then why think negative and act too impatient? For all things are possible if just God really permits it. Faith without work is dead, the bible says. There’s simple Filipino story and everybody in this room might have heard it. The story of Juan Tamad. This guy craves for something and didn’t move to have it though the guava was within his reach. He just waited and waited for it to fall into his hands. Well, expecting something from nothing is impossible. I mean to wait is to work.

How could you sit back and relax when you have the wish in your heart? There’s a saying, “do your best and let God do the rest.” Most Filipinos are just expecting to receive something from their dead faith. Dead faith means, having faith without work. Resulting, disappointments and sometimes unbelief. When a person hoped for something and was disappointed, it’s more likely that he would forget God’s reasons in giving him his disappointment. If the thing you hope for is really for you, it will come at the right time. You just have to wait. If it didn’t, it wasn’t for you. God has his reasons for doing so and we knew that it’s always for the best.

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