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Everything about architecture Essay

Everything about architecture is interesting, so is our class in Arch103. I have always been interested to learn new things about this subject and our class discussions have provided me valuable insights in many ways. However, I could have learned more if there was a healthy relationship between the teacher and the students. In classrooms, students usually encounter situations that encourage or impede participation and learning. One factor is the harmonious liaison of a teacher to the students.

This healthy connection usually comes in when the teacher shows fair treatment among the students. It is the right of the students to be treated equally in all aspects: classroom discussions, projects and assignments, and grades. Fair treatment builds the students’ trust and confidence for their teacher. In our Arch103 class, the teacher fails to show equal treatment to his students. This is especially true in the way he gives grades.

In the submission of projects, those who submitted late sometimes get higher grades than those who did it before the deadline. Deadlines, as we all know, are vitally important in assigned works. The teacher should have at least explained to us why this has happened. With the conflicting opinions of the teacher and the teacher’s assistant, we find it hard to understand and learn what they teach. Teachers are authoritative transmitters of knowledge (Brody & Wallace, 1994, p.

5). It is therefore important that they coherently explain the topics so the students can get most of the ideas. Contradicting explanations only cause students to be more confused and having nothing understood. Overall, the class was challenging and exciting despite some of the above-mentioned lapses. Evaluation 2 Brody, C. M. & Wallace, J. (1994). Ethical and Social Issues in Professional Education. New York: State University of New York Press

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