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Everyday Drugs Essay

The essay “Everyday Drugs” written by Adam Smith reminds me that government plays an important role in our lives. The government is an important element for the existence of a state. Without which, a particular society will be in chaos. Anarchy will govern. There will be no order because people are not guided by any rules. Due to this, people will always think that every action they make is right. But since there is government, a world full of chaos is prevented.

Every person is guided by laws that govern our action. Each government prescribes what is right and what is wrong. In my opinion, government is very important because it produces harmony and tranquility in a particular society. Sometimes, however, the presence of government restricts our actions too much. It sometimes hinders our freedom to act. Also, government in different countries perceive certain action to be right while some government perceives the same act as illegal.

For example, in Holland, people are allowed to smoke cannabis in public places without being apprehended by the authorities. This is because smoking of cannabis is allowed in their country. However, if a person is seen smoking cannabis the United States, he or she will be apprehended because that particular act is proscribed in that country. There is no substantial distinction between the people in Holland and the people in America which will give the people in the former be allowed to smoke cannabis.

The only difference between them is that the government perceives such act to be permissible in Holland while the other perceive it otherwise. In the essay, Smith associates government as a drug which prescribes to its people what are the action that are legal and what are those illegal. The government tries to manipulate what our action should be. I believe that it is alright for us to be guided by rules for as long as our freedom to act is not infringed.

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