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Evaluative Discussion Essay

The article being evaluated in this discussion is regarding information technology monocultures. Monoculture is a community of computers running same software. This same software technique is quite risky because an attack on a single system can turn down the whole community. This discussion describes monocultures and their vulnerability towards such attacks. A positive aspect of the article concerned is that the information is logically sequenced and each point is distinct from the other.

Like, initially it describes monocultures and their sensitivity and then moves on towards the recommendations which can be applied to isolate the monoculture from an attack by a virus or a hacker. The advantages of monocultures described in the article are a little vague, as they lack the factors of concreteness and completeness. It tells us that in monocultures there is easier management, fewer configuration errors and interoperability but the mechanism of these operations is not described.

For example: easier management is because all the computer terminals are inter-linked, therefore whole system can be managed from anywhere in the network; there are fewer configuration errors because there is similar configuration throughout the network and all the terminals are symmetrically aligned. The disadvantage is described clearly, that is, monoculture can be highly vulnerable against virus attack due to its commonality.

Virus attack on one terminal can affect the whole community of computers. Another point raised in the article was quite valid, that is, successive generation of defenses might not prove to be a good strategy to save the network from a hacker’s attack because it totally depends upon the determination of hacker towards his goal. This article also suggests a way to save the software from single point failures, replicas of software should be made in order to utilize it in case of any emergency.

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