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Evaluative Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Evaluative Discussion

The article being evaluated in this discussion is regarding information technology monocultures. Monoculture is a community of computers running same software. This same software technique is quite risky because an attack on a single system can turn down the whole community. This discussion describes monocultures and their vulnerability towards such attacks. A positive aspect of the article concerned is that the information is logically sequenced and each point is distinct from the other. Like, initially it describes monocultures and their sensitivity and then moves on towards the recommendations which can be applied to isolate the monoculture from an attack by a virus or a hacker. The advantages of monocultures described in the article are a little vague, as they lack…

Evaluative Paper

The feedback for this report was manifold and required a number of things. First is the creation and rolling out of a comprehensive media policy training program then conducting trainings to include recorded modules which employees can review at any point in time. The Human Resource specific training should include industry best practices, legal compliance (Affirmative Action), and technical systems training. With regards to benchmarking competitors, this is to be done to define a social media policy that aligns with industry standard as well as creating a social media policy and vet through senior management and other applicable staff for approval. The group should establish company profiles through Linked In, Ecademy, and other professional media sites, with the sole aim…