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Evaluation Plan Essay

I collected data on CHOICES program according to the evaluation plan that I submitted last week. The remaining aspect of dealing with the data is analysis. According to the data I collected, I have realized that I will have a big challenge in presenting the data. This is because presentation of numbers and patterns is a critical component of data analysis. Constructing an effective visual with the most appropriate format for the information or Patten being conveyed is very challenging. There are some most frequently used formats which include; tables to display numerical data and charts and graphs to display general patterns, make comparisons and show relationships.

Depending on the evaluation of the data from my program of choice, I recommend to use charts and graphs to emphasize important comparisons, patterns and relationships which are not available in books. I will focus on pie chart to effectively convey the message contained in the data records. It will help me in presenting the distribution of single variables like age, gender and program expenditure (Alachua County Florida. 2008). Identify one concept or principle of planning, implementation, and/or evaluation from this course that stands out for you. Explain how you will be able to make use of it in the near future in your work in the public health field.

One concept or principle of planning, implementation, and/or evaluation from this course that stands out for me is monitoring and stake holder’s engagement. Monitoring of the programs implemented ensures that laid down procedures are followed and that the desired goals are attained. I intend to use this principle in the near future in healthcare field by engaging all the stake holders in planning or implementing any programs meant to benefit the society. I will also engage them in monitoring the programs so that desired results can be achieved.

Alachua County Florida. (2008). Community Health Offering Innovative Care & Educational Services. Retrieved from

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