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Evaluate the benefits of self managed learning to the individual and organisation Essay

What do you understand by the principles of Diversity?

I understand that principles of Diversity are our own rules that we create not to get driven away from achieving our goals by any of the many existing aspects of our life like culture, friendships, health or household problems. Anything that’s happening in our lives is affecting us in a good or bad way. Because of this it’s important that we set our principles to stay on track and motivate ourselves. Therefore we have to respect our rules and follow them in bid to make our goals come true and be successful. In my understanding that’s what principles of Diversity mean and every one of us set them differently.

How do you think the principle can affect your goals?

Principles are often affecting our goals, changing the time of achievement or completely changing the goal itself by changing the circumstances of a life. I would like to use a government rules.

Because of this country’s principles that gives us chance to study by granting people at any age with financial help we can educate ourselves. Unfortunately not all countries create as many opportunities and when I was eighteen years old I couldn’t study as it costs big amount of money that I cannot afford and I wasn’t entitle to any financial help. Therefore I have choose to leave my country of origin to pursue further education.

This indicates that principles of my country aren’t suitable to help me achieve my goals, which were to finish college and go to dance school by this time, instead I just started college. That shows how my goals changed timely and some of them are unachievable due to circumstances. Nevertheless
we should try the hardest to be successful and reach out for the opportunities.

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