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European Settlers Essay

European settlers went through many changes after the discovery of New America because of Christopher Columbus voyage. The Europeans accidentally found the American land which was originally owned by Native American tribes. The Native American culture was very liberal and had very different lifestyles when it came to beliefs in religion, owning land, medicines, hunting farming and family. The Native Americans did not see people as enemies and believed that many people could be invited to join their tribes.

The Natives taught the Europeans of their survival skills which included farming, hunting and tools. The Europeans later took advantage of the Native Americans benefits and weaknesses. The Europeans discovered that the Indians had lots of unclaimed land and saw their governing rules as weak. Europeans settlers disagreed with Native American religion, celebration, music, medicines and saw the male as weak. The reason the male Indians were looked at as weak was because they would constantly hunt and the woman would stay and handle all the labor at the tribes.

In result, the European people began learning more of the culture and disagreeing with the lifestyles leaning more toward a governed political aspect. Europeans did benefit in many ways of the discovery of the “New America” since they came up with the idea of taking over the so called unclaimed lands, controlling the Indians and turning this into their very own. Soon the European settlers were all migrating to America in seek of farming and land ownership. Since the Europeans learned of all the work that needed to be done they then turned to slavery of people from Africa.

The Europeans did not want to have to work constantly and put in infinite hours to the hard labor so this is why slavery became a great way for them to complete their projects. The European settler’s mindset was focused on riches and power. They did not care of the African slaves and their emotions. The Africans were looked at as showing less value than an animal and were a huge impact during the American migration era. The Europeans invested a lot in farming, human sale, and human trade. Their African slaves were to maintain rice, tobacco, sugar cane and cotton.

The Africans did not have any rights and were contracted to work with belief in owning possible land and freedom. Unfortunately, this was a way to keep their slaves working with hopes of something in return which was a false hope. The slaves were treated very bad and had no rights. The men were not allowed to get married and were worked constantly. Not only were the men and woman slaves treated badly they had no authority to be educated. It was seen in Europeans eyes that slaves were not allowed to read and write.

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