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Ethics in the journalism Essay

Ethics in the journalism sector is not a new issue of debate. Journalism ethics has been described as “a dysfunctional ethical discourse” by Iggers (as cited by Mccabe, 1999). The role of media is always very important in manufacturing the consent of people and develops a view regarding any particular issue. However the way news is collected, compiled and presented is always a question of debate. Citizens get the information regarding the social problems. The media has the capacity to bring the change.

The traditional media is based on the maturity of the information, published news and different other subjects. Media has moved from its traditional role of observer to the change agent within the society (Mccabe, 1999, p. 199). The role of technology in media presentation has been very crucial in the recent past. The information is available easily on the website. “The Internet blurs traditional categories like “professional” versus “amateur,” “published” versus “unpublished,” and “public” versus “private. Existing rules for the ethical conduct of human subjects research that rely on these categories are thus difficult to extend to this new medium. ” (Bruckman, n. d. )

Information available on the various websites makes it convenient and handy. However, the reliability of information available at this source is questionable. The referencing of the sources from which information has been obtained and how the credit has been given is always important in order to maintain the ethical standards of the journalism in this internet age.

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