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Ethics in Negotiation. Annual review of psychology Essay

Ethics in Negotiation


       Some believe that success at any negotiation table is determined by the skillful use of deception. The critical difference between those who succeed in negotiating and those who are not successful lies on the ability to mislead and not to be deceived. However, negotiators have an ethical duty to make sure that the deal is fair for both sides. This articles summarizes the ethical guidelines and insights for a successful negotiation strategies such as ethical adversarial. According to Paul (2011), ethical negotiation enhances positive working relations which in turn returns brings trust and easy sharing of information and the motive to seek a mutual solution thus facilitating positive interactions.


Bazerman, M. H., Curhan, J. R., Moore, D. A., & Valley, K. L. (2000). Negotiation. Annual review of psychology, 51(1), 279-314.

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