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Ethical Lens Essay

My preferred lens is Rights-Responsibility; I balance my reasoning skills rationality and my intuition sensibility to determine how to fulfill my duties while achieving the greatest good for each individual autonomy. My strengths I would have to say my gift, self-knowledge and free will, Your gift to the community is balancing responsibility with entrepreneurship. Because I strongly value autonomy, I am also fiercely self-reliant and accountable – and expect the same of others. My temper doing my duty in noticing what is required for me and others to be happy, and avoid both rigidly following any conflict of interests. My blind spots in the ethical lens inventory are the belief that motive justifies method or in other words my good is good enough. My strengths seem to be temperance and prudence, I value in v individual balance and restraint in the desire for pleasure as I seek to satisfy my duties. I also demonstrate wisdom in practical matters and foresight as I act with enlightened self-interest in a particular situation. I also bring optimism, imagination and the gift of entrepreneurship to the table. My weakness in the ethical lens Inventory are being autocratic or reducing decisions to cost analysis, being said I tend to cut corners if I become attached to archiving my goals. Other weakness I discover in this activity is my temptation: excuses and expedience, which means not paying attention I can be tempted to excuse myself from following the rules. Know on to my values and my resultant behavior. My values would be my key phrase, according to the ethical lens, Is “I make responsible choices that are good for everyone.” Because I tend to look out for everyone, sometimes I fall behind and don’t look out for myself. My resultant behaviors are as follows my temptation again as well my vice: becoming judgmental and greedy. I cannot believe how accurate these results where about me, sometimes I rushed through these tests and lens. I learned areas I need ti approve in and some things just blew my mind how accurate it was. Some of my results made me really think of my problem areas I sat there and thought, “I have a lot to improve”. But my strengths overcame me, thank goodness.

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