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Ethical Codes Essay

Over the years, there have been a lot of technological developments in the field of psychology. These developments have not left psychological assessment and testing behind as it has also been affected. However, there are a number of ethical issues that have been raised in this field concerning computerized assessment and testing. The main aim of these testing is to ensure that human beings have a better life in future. It is believed that this field has a very complicated technology and therefore very few graduates are there to operate and execute the commands that the computers in this field needs.

This means that most of those people who are using computerized assessment and testing are armatures. Thus, there is poor interpretation of the results. The departments that are responsible for this are fully aware of this and they still allow these inexperienced people to conduct tests on human beings. This can be termed as ethically inappropriate. (Lewis, 2000) In addition, computers are machines and therefore they do not have any feelings. It is therefore obvious that while they are used in assessment and testing, they operate on some specific commands and thus, they will only give feedback based on those commands.

Human beings are known to be unique and therefore there is a chance that they will not behave in the same way. Therefore, the computerized assessment and testing has also been cited as being dehumanizing as the machines operate under some specific commands. The ethical code that pertains to this type of testing and all the relations to assessment and testing is the code of fair testing and practices. There is no fair testing and practices as the practitioners who practice in this field are fully aware that they are not giving the best to their clients.

(Lewis, 2000) As a practitioner, it is always advisable to give the best to the clients and at the same time to be fair in all the activities. I would therefore do more research and ensure that I am well conversant with all the practices that are involved in the computerized testing and assessment. Where possible, I would conduct more research to see to it that computerized testing and assessment is more client-friendly and it is not dehumanizing. ? References Lewis, A. (2000). Psychological Assessment & Testing. New York: Pearson Education.

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