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Essay about myself Essay

A New Beginning

I was born in the Dominican Republic “Quisqueya la Bella” as we called it, and I used to live with my Parents and two elder sisters, my mother worked as a teacher, and my father was a policeman. Then my father dies when I was only 11 years old, and two years after that, my mother Met Miguel; and they fell in love, and got married. Then Miguel, now my stepfather came to the U.S. and Five years later he gives us the news that we have to move to the U.S. in November of 2011, I moved to the U.S with my mother and sisters, but I had no say in whether I wanted to go or not, and I just Went.

My mother said we had to go for a better life. moving to the U.S. was a hard change for me and meant I had to start all over again and go to a new school and make new friends. Also I had to leaving everything I ever knew behind to move Into a foreign country. They say it’s hard to move from a place to another, but, it’s even worst than they say, because it’s not an easy thing moving and living in another country, because your life as you know it changes.

when I first arrived, I felt like a stranger; there were people everywhere talking different languages, besides buildings and bright lights, also a lot of noise and family that I didn’t even knew came to visit us with gifts. Around a few months later, I finally got enrolled in school. however when entering a new school, I didn’t Know anyone, and there was a big cultural and language gap that separated me from the rest of the students, I dreaded the fact that I had to go to school there. I missed my friends and family back in the Dominican Republic. I wanted to leave new York and Go back to my “Quisqueya”.

I’ve worked too hard to adapt myself to this new environment and after a time, and step by step, I was feeling comfortable. Then I’d made tons of friends, and I wasn’t feeling like a stranger anymore, finally I felt at home.

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