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Espionage Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Lessons Learned in Intelligence Initiatives

The emergence of modern espionage became more rampant during the Cold War and its was an intricate inter-actions between the agents and spies of the United States of America and the and agents and spies of the Soviet Union. The operations of both sides intertwined with one another. (Cold War Spies. [internet]). While there are recent developments in intelligence gathering and information and data sourcing, human intelligence (or HUMINT) has always been a fascinating segment of the whole caboodle. This analysis is focused on human intelligence initiatives in general and on the human agent, officer and spy himself in particular, Pyotr Popov, the subject of this paper, was the first ranking officer from the Soviet military intelligence network to have…

Spies by Michael Frayn

There have been so many novels recently drawing on or purporting to draw on memories of a childhood under apartheid that we may be inclined to assume that this kind of inverse nostalgia is a peculiarly South African phenomenon. Even Barbara Trapido, who has lived most of her adult life in England, has chosen to set her latest novel in the South Africa of her youth. And yet, of course, the childhood-underapartheid novel is only a local variant of a form that is as universal as childhood itself, invariably and paradoxically implying that the child’s world is the adult world writ large. Michael Frayn’s Spies, then, is another example of the childhood-recollected-inadulthood genre, of the sub-genre Second World War; but…

Bradley Manning Responsible For the Largest Intelligence Leak in the History of the United States

Bradley Manning Responsible For the Largest Intelligence Leak in the History of the United States (Your Name Here) UMUC CSIA 301 Bradley Manning may be responsible for the largest intelligence leak in the history of the United States . The U.S. Government alleges that Bradley Manning was responsible for leaking classified intelligence, causing it to be published on the internet which make it available to the enemy. The Government has charged Manning with 22 charges under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, UCMJ, to include espionage. If convicted, Manning could face confinement for life or the death penalty . In an interview with Frontline, Adrian Lamo, a convicted hacker, states that Manning contacted him via online chat and confessed that…