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Escherichia coli Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Hazards to food safety

College of Hospitality Management FOOD SAFETY & SANITATION – HFOODS Lesson 2: HAZARDS TO Food Safety General Symptoms of Foodborne Illness – Headache- Abdominal Pain – Nausea- Diarrhea – Vomiting- Fatigue – Dehydration- Fever When a living, disease-causing microorganism is eaten along with a food, it can cause a foodborne infection. After ingestion, the organism burrows into the lining of the victim’s digestive tract and begins to grow in number. This can lead to the common symptoms of FBI like diarrhea. A common type of foodborne infection is salmonellosis. The disease is caused by Salmonella bacteria that are frequently found in poultry and eggs. CLASSIFICATION OF FOODBORNE ILLNESS 1. Infection Caused by eating food that contains living disease causing microorganism….