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Erlenmeyer Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Investigatory project

Pest is an organism that is damaging to livestock, crops, humans, and land. Because of this problem, this study was conducted by the researchers by using garlic and black pepper after they found out that these materials have the ability to control pests. The materials were 2 whole garlic, 40 grams of black pepper, 600 ml of water, beaker, Erlenmeyer flask, tripod with wire gauze, alcohol lamp with denatured alcohol, mortar and pestle, knife, chopping board, 4 spray containers, and 150 pests. There were five treatments tested with three replicates each. Treatment A (garlic only); treatment B (black pepper only); treatment C (mixture of garlic and black pepper);treatment D(commercial pesticide) and treatment E(no pesticide applied). The researchers used Complete Randomized…