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Eris Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Greek Mythology and Hera

Hera In Greek Mythology, there are many different gods and goddesses but only one Hera. Hera is known for being the queen of all the Greek gods and being the main wife of Zeus, who is king of all the gods. Hera was goddess of childbirth and marriage. Known for many different things, Hera is considered the most jealous and quarrelsome goddess in all mythology. There are many stories about Hera punishing women involved with Zeus and kids of Zeus that were not Hera’s but one specific story is that of Hercules who is Alcmene’s son. Hera had persecuted him since before he could talk only because she was jealous and hated the fact that Zeus was his father. Even…

Greek Mythology and Eris

Greek mythology is a vast subject with a seemingly infinite number of members. Consequently, only the chief individuals such as, Zeus, Hera, Athena and Ares, are well-known. Often forgotten are the so-called minor goddesses, the goddesses who lurk behind the curtains. Surprisingly, such a “negligible” goddess caused the greatest dispute in all of Greek mythology. The Greek Word ‘Eris’ means strife. Although Strife is an abstract idea, Eris is referred to as a goddess (Blackwell 72). Although Eris is not well-known in Greek mythology, “[h]er influence can be felt in every quarrel, feud and disagreement on the face of the earth and on the heights of Mount Olympos (Olympus). ” (Stewart). Eris is a daughter of Erebus and the goddess…

Reaction about helen of troy

This culture of this story is extremely different than the culture of today. The characters in this story are outrageous. For one thing, the majority of the characters are Greek gods and goddesses. Greek mythology was very popular 3200 years a go, however presently it’s primarily a thing of the past and these gods don’t show up too frequently in modern day literature. The closest things we have to Greek goddesses in entertainment today are the Kardashians. Also, as far as I can remember, no magic apples have ever flown in and disrupted any of the weddings I’ve been to. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but it seems as though there was an abundance of magical fruits and…