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Era Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Classical Era

The introduction level of classical civilization in the book World civilizations: The Global experience the author mainly emphasizes on people-society interactions as the main characteristics distinguishing this era. Most of the information discussed by the author on this chapter encompasses cultural, social, economic and political aspects of history (Stearns, 1999). The author considers cultural and social aspects the key factors that contributed to classical civilization. According to Stearns the classical world civilization era was mainly characterized by the integration of regions consisting of people from diverse groups. Thus according to the author classical civilization was a result of political cultural systems overarching (Stearns, 1999). In describing the world civilization during the classical era the author in addition explores historical issues…

Journey To The Remnants of Early Christian and Byzantine Era

For this cultural trip, we are going to traverse two continents namely, Asia and Europe. The places we are going to visit are representations of the art style during the period of early Christian and Byzantine which is characterized by the “love of beauty, orderly symmetry, and artistic form, in poetic conceptions and exuberance of imagination. ” Also, it was during this period that Christianity flourished which influenced the supremacy of architecture (Oldandsold. com “Early Christian and Byzantine Sculpture”). Europe and Middle East are the regions where early Christian and Byzantine Art reached its peak. To get a closer glimpse of the beauty and to fully appreciate the aesthetic of this period, we are going to Israel, Turkey and Italy…