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Era Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Progressive Era

The progressive era was a thirty-year period in which the United States was completely reformed. Actions were taken to improve working conditions for laborers and women. President Roosevelt and Wilson were both reformers for the rights and voice of the people. Theodore Roosevelt used his presidency to put regulations of businesses and make sure the government is still higher than corporations. Individual Reformers and the government in the progressive era went through a great deal to bring about change in the united states, with teddy Roosevelt’s trust-busting and political reform, improvement of laborers and goods, and the restrictions of child labor and women rights. Teddy Roosevelt became known as the great trustbuster. He didn’t get this name for no reason….

Mesozoic Era

Birds are one of the most abundant species on earth. In fact, the global population of birds has already reached five hundred billion according to most recent survey. History shows that birds evolved from meat-eating (theropod) dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Era, roughly 150 million years ago. Early birds, like Archaeopteryx, had teeth in their mouth and claws on their wings. Among all the species of birds existing nowadays, there are some that can be considered as “superb” over the others in terms of the characteristics and attributes that they possess. Of all the birds currently living, Emu and pelicans are among the most amazing ones. Emu is the world’s heaviest bird weighing 260 pounds – almost weighing like a human….

The Milestones and Major Developments in the Early Paleozoic Era

Understanding the diversity and complexity of life as observed in the current modern days may seem as difficult as defining life itself. The changes, developments, and evolution of the earth and the life forms it holds are all varied and sundry enough which makes it hard to understand without looking back to when, where, and how it all started. History, Geology, Paleontology, and many other branches of Science play a significant role in aiding people to better understand the roots and beginnings of the life seen today. These fields of studies help and serve like windows to the past which make it easier to know what it was like back when the Earth was young and life was primitive. These…

The English Theatre during the Tudor Era

The rule of the Tudor dynasty in England, extended from 1485 to 1603, was established after The War of the Roses between House of York and House of Lancaster. A period of unusual isolation for England from the Continental trends, Tudor period witnessed the developments of drama from the religious plays to Interludes in royal courts and from there to the regular drama in the Theatres. Drama began as an offshoot of the practices of the church and was thus religious in intention. It developed through the Tudor period acquiring a secular character by substituting moral teaching for purely religious instruction. The characters underwent a corresponding change: they were no longer Biblical figures, as in the case of Mystery plays,…

Classical Era

The introduction level of classical civilization in the book World civilizations: The Global experience the author mainly emphasizes on people-society interactions as the main characteristics distinguishing this era. Most of the information discussed by the author on this chapter encompasses cultural, social, economic and political aspects of history (Stearns, 1999). The author considers cultural and social aspects the key factors that contributed to classical civilization. According to Stearns the classical world civilization era was mainly characterized by the integration of regions consisting of people from diverse groups. Thus according to the author classical civilization was a result of political cultural systems overarching (Stearns, 1999). In describing the world civilization during the classical era the author in addition explores historical issues…

Journey To The Remnants of Early Christian and Byzantine Era

For this cultural trip, we are going to traverse two continents namely, Asia and Europe. The places we are going to visit are representations of the art style during the period of early Christian and Byzantine which is characterized by the “love of beauty, orderly symmetry, and artistic form, in poetic conceptions and exuberance of imagination. ” Also, it was during this period that Christianity flourished which influenced the supremacy of architecture (Oldandsold. com “Early Christian and Byzantine Sculpture”). Europe and Middle East are the regions where early Christian and Byzantine Art reached its peak. To get a closer glimpse of the beauty and to fully appreciate the aesthetic of this period, we are going to Israel, Turkey and Italy…