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Equality Or Let The Best Provide Essay

If one has to choose between equality and ‘let the best provide for the rest of the individuals’ it is evident that the latter would always be chosen. This is because the term ‘equality’ in society has no sustainability at all along the course of history. Nowhere in the entire human civilization can we find a sustainable state of equality in kind of society. When the communist movement is taken into account, then it should be remembered that the moment revolution manifested a rule of equality in the social structure, certain segments of the society became ‘more equal’ than the rest.

Therefore, equality is not an option to be considered. As a result, ‘let the best provide for the rest of the individuals’ becomes the only possible state of welfare. In modern society, it is obvious; the wealthiest class is the corporate sector. Thus, to develop a sustainable economy and society it is required that a corporation should come up and provide the needful to make a state welfare state. In other words, corporatism should be liable to the people for providing the social needs with the additional wealth harvested from the society itself. (Lamb, 2004)

In the context of obligation, it should be noted that this approach should not be obligatory but by choice of morality and ethical consideration as well as long termed economy. This is a formulation of economy that is highly sustainable and it works on a long termed goal because is the society is not healthy then the corporate would suffer with society. Thus, by using this method we would find a situation where every one is happy at the same time.


Lamb, D; (2004); Cult to Culture: The Development of Civilization; Wellington: National Book Trust

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