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Equal opportunities and diversity Essay

This article discusses a pertinent issue in organizations, discrimination against the minority groups. The authors begin by acknowledging that the legislations put in place have made a difference. It gives a preview of the current employment of these minority groups in the society. They then look at the approaches that managers have used to address their problems in particular contrasting the traditional equal opportunity to the modern diversity method.

In this, it has focused on the women, ethnic groups, the aged, disabled and sexuality (Tirrington, Hall and TTaylor, 2005). In my opinion, the authors have made it clear that the traditional equal opportunity is not sufficient and managers need to employ the modern management of diversity. By showing the situation on ground about the minority groups, it is clear that the traditional method has not had good success, for discrimination is still present. Management of diversity which focuses on the individual alone is not perfect.

Though it focuses on all people individually, making all equal and exposing them all to equal opportunities, it still need to be combined with equal opportunities (Tirrington, Hall and TTaylor, 2005). They are both complementary and managers need to use both. This article has enabled me to know that both equal opportunities and managing diversity are helpful in managing the diverse people in organizations. I have learnt from the examples the authors have cited that neither can work perfectly alone. Both should be employed using clear strategies, policies and comprehensive plans.

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