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Epidemic Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Effects of Agriculture

The evolution of man through agriculture was expressed thoroughly by Jared Diamond in his article. The transition from a Neolithic way of living to a Paleolithic way of life had many negative effects. Having people settling down to build organized cities and companies meant there would be social inequalities. Women were usually the first targets to social inequality. Having people stay in one area and having them live together in villages created the uprising of epidemic diseases that created a widespread of death in communities. During this time growing their own food did not ensure that they would eat. Farmers that had failing crops would lead to starvation for their families. The change from nomads to farmers and agriculturists was…

The Crack Epidemic in the United States of America

Crack cocaine was a new drug that was introduced in the US in the early 1980’s. During those days, several youth from the poorer areas of the city were compelled to participate in the illegal economy, in order to survive (How the CIA Created the Crack Epidemic, 1996). Cocaine flowed into the US, principally from the Bahamas, which experienced a glut of cocaine powder. The cost diminished rapidly, and the drug dealers decided to change cocaine powder into a form that could be smoked. This was known as Crack, which gained considerable popularity in some parts of the United States like Los Angeles, San Diego and Houston. It was easy to prepare, use, cheap and highly remunerative for the drug…