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Entities Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Lakshminarayan case (partnership act)

Case Note: Direct Taxation assessment of income – Section 4 of Partnership Act appellant a registered company entered into an agreement with Mill company appointing its agent for thirty years – amount received by appellant from Mill company were assessed under income tax – appellant contended remuneration received from the Mills company was not taxable as it was not profit or gains from business – following question referred to High Court – whether under the terms of the agreement the petitioner is an employee of the Mills Company orĀ is carrying on business – whether the remuneration received from the Mills is on account of service or is the remuneration for business – matter decided against appellant – appellant moved to…

Business Structures

If someone wants to start a business, that person would have to decide which structure he or she would want to use. To know what kind of structure he or she has to know what kind of business he or she is trying to run and who will run it with him or her. Structures range from sole proprietorships and partnerships to corporations. When companies first start up, they consider sole proprietorships or partnerships, but as they grow into larger companies, they become corporations. When someone first opens a business it may just be him or her, those companies consider sole proprietorships, meaning a business owned by one person. There are several advantages when running a sole proprietorship. First is…