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One evening, zoo officials and animal experts alike captured a 3-foot alligator at the Presidio’s Mountain Lake. With the help of an expert alligator trapper, they were able to snare the 2-year old alligator by rod, reel, and hook. However, it did elude them a lot of times over. Many wondered how he even got to the lake on the first place. Some assumed that someone may have left him there, or was able to seek refuge and survive by eating fish, frogs, tadpoles, and insects.

The little alligator found a new home at the San Francisco zoo, according to the zoo’s general curator, David Robinett. He added that the gator will be quarantined for 30 days. Furthermore, mice will be added on his diet during that said time period. The presence of the gator at the Bay area, especially on the mountain lake, aroused the curiosity of the people. It seems that gators tend to be more adaptive to colder conditions as opposed to their tropical cousins, the crocodiles. In a Name the Gator contest sponsored by the San Francisco Examiner

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