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English Proficiency. Jerry Cantrell Essay

I am happy to respond positively to your request for an on-site demonstration. I agree that our level of tool usage warrants a comparison of the vendors in the area, and I’d like to schedule your visit for next month. Body

Our construction managers are particularly interested in seeing the capabilities of your stud guns. We are often asked to retrofit existing concrete slab warehouse buildings, and it might be time to include these as standard equipment on each job site. We would be interested in information regarding certification of operators as well. We keep a permanent crew of carpenters and we would also want to see the full line of saws, sanders and other power tools appropriate for rough framing. I’m sure our foremen would be interested in seeing the latest features available. In addition, I would appreciate your being prepared with cost comparisons between long- and short-term rental agreements, as well as outright purchase of various equipment types. I am enclosing a list of the equipment we have rented over the past 18 months. I can call a meeting for all project managers and foremen for either the 16th or the 18th of next month, probably at the Los Alamitos Office Complex site. Please give me a call to confirm a time and location. Sincerely, Complimentary Closing Rosabeth Cantrell

Rosabeth Cantrell Signature Block

encl: equipment list Enclosure Notation
cc: Jerry Simons, Accounts Courtesy Copies

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