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English: Good and Evil and Television Essay

Assalam O Aliakum all of you after that today is my presentation and my presentation is about Television you know that television is getting very popular and increasing day by day because of connecting the world. There are some advantages and disadvantages and now I am describing about advantages. Advantages 1) First advantage is that you know Karachi bad low and situation is increasing day by day that’s why many people before going to office they switch on the television for knowing about situation that what is going, situation is good and bad and which area is suitable for going to office.

2) Second is that when you have laser time and you are filling dull/boring and if you want passing the time so you can early by watching television because many channels are available on cable for your entertainments like watching movies and watching song and most of peoples like sports channels. 3) Third advantage is that with passing your time you can get knowledge easily because many channels are available which is providing good platforms for you.

Like national geographical and discovery channels are most famous in the world. And also Islam channel are available like QTV, MADANI and PEACE for our information. 4) Forth advantage this is very importance for us because now we are student of English language and we do not know how to speak English and how to perform the word with better ascend when we will watch English channels on daily basic so we can easily get. Disadvantages.

1) The first disadvantage is that some people prefer to watch television and do not prefer to work they most of time spend it. 2) Second disadvantage is that a lot of people suffering in desperation and afraid because you know that boom are blasting on daily basic different areas and news channels telecast live. 3) Thirty disadvantages are that some people are going to bad way due to watching television. This type of people do not like to do work hard and they do street crime and robbery etc.

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