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Engineering and Me Essay

Many of my friends watch American Idol with passion. Some of the girls I know watch How Do I Look? But none of that interests me. I am a How Do They Do It? junkie. That is not to say that I watch a lot of television. In fact I do not, I simply do not have time. However, when they are going to explain how an F18 fighter jet can land on the deck of a ship only three football fields long, I am “all in. ” I stop what I am doing and become affixed to the screen until the final credits run. Does that merit a scholarship for engineering?

Not by itself. But what it does do is help paint a portrait of me. Who I am and who I want to be is epitomized by my favorite show. I am curious about how everything works. I like to tinker, take apart and put back together just about anything. I analyze everything in mathematical terms from what I eat (healthy, not so healthy and not even remotely healthy are the boxes I use to categorize myself nutritionally every day) to organizing my time in 15 minute increments between study, extracurricular activities and “play time”.

I still have not decided which of those categories How Do They Do It fits into by the way. I want to study engineering to understand how everything works. I have heard other engineering students complain about how challenging their course load is. I cannot wait to be in the midst of such wonderful challenges. Once I am armed with the knowledge of how things work, I want to apply it to improve on what exists and possibly even design something completely original.

I believe engineers are the leaders in technical innovation and are making impressive strides in the fields of robotics, medicine and environmental conservation. Combined with that, on the more practical side, the job opportunities appear to be strong (my mother told me to write that) and I see myself standing alongside the engineers of tomorrow using our numeracy, creative, and scientific knowledge in a team-minded spirit to overcome technical challenges and make the world a better place to live.

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