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ENG 225 quiz 4 ashford university Essay

1. Question :
Which female auteur is best known for staking out traditionally male territory in her films Sophia Coppola
CORRECT Kathryn Bigelow
Nora Ephron
2. Question :
Which quality most distinguishes the musical as a genre in its own right?

Student Answer: CORRECT Its songs are part of the action Its songs accompany the action
It contains only songs and no score
Its dialogue is primarily sung
3. Question :
According to John Truby, why are genre films generally favored by American studios? They are less expensive to make
CORRECT They provide more reliable profits
They are risky investments, but can yield big profits

4. Question :
Which of the following is true of horror films in recent decades?

They are becoming less realistic
They are becoming more expensive
CORRECT They are becoming more violent
5. Question :
Which critic is best known for opposing the auteur theory?
Roger Ebert
Francois Truffaut
CORRECT Pauline Kael
Instructor Explanation: The answer can be found in Chapter 7 of Introduction to Film. 6. Question :
Which of the following gangster films was forced to add a title at the end to satisfy public watchdog groups?

Student Answer: CORRECT The Public Enemy

7. Question :
Which of the following is the best way to describe a director’s style? Student Answer: CORRECT His or her favorite mise en scène, cinematography, editing, and sound techniques The habitual way he or she deals with the actors on the set Typical way he or she deals with producers and other studio executives His or her preferred subject matter and genre in which to work

8. Question :
Which stylistic movement in film was best known for using well-worn actual locations and ordinary-looking, nonglamorous actors?

German Expressionism
CORRECT Italian Neorealism
French New Wave
9. Question :
Why do many theorists doubt that genres exist at all?
Because studios invented the idea as a cynical marketing tool Because they are the product of audience expectations, not films themselves CORRECT Because the definitions are fluid at best, meaningless at worst

10. Question :
In which of the following genres is the audience most likely to be asked to sympathize with the forces of evil? CORRECT Gangster
Romantic comedy

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