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Enewsletter analysis Essay

The e-newsletter I chose is the daily newsletter from Saint Louis University that is sent to all students, faculty, staff and alumni via email. The university just started sending this newsletter to students this year, as previously it just went to the faculty and staff. Overall, the content of the newsletter is more pertinent to the faculty, staff and alumni. But with the inclusion of student readers the newsletter now makes some room for student news. The layout of this newsletter has “News & Announcements” at the very top with “Today’s Events” and “Upcoming & Ongoing Events” right next to it.

Something very effective of this newsletter is the picture right below the “News & Announcements” title, as it draws in the attention of the reader right away. Below the event listings is “SLU in the News”, where it lists blips of SLU and its professors in various media outlets. I thought this was also very effective as it give the readers (people of the SLU community) a reminder that people in their community are doing great things and that the readers ought to be proud of the SLU community.

This newsletter doesn’t actually have the article right on there, but has links to the “full story” underneath each title. Each title also has a teaser to intrigue the reader into reading further and clicking the link, but one cannot read the articles right there on the newsletter. This may be a good strategy if the reader has a short attention span and is only glancing through the newsletter, but I think it lessens the quality of the newsletter overall as the newsletter doesn’t provide much information at face value.

An interesting thing about this newsletter is that at the very bottom readers can click a link and “submit news”. This allows readers to be interactive with the newsletter and with what’s happening in their community. The color scheme just reflects the school colors of the university, and aren’t really anything interesting or creative. Article Revision The article I am revising for a blog/social media announcement is the one entitled: Volunteer for Campus Kitchen Through Mid June. I thought that this article would be the one most likely rehashed onto a blog or social media cite.

Need something to do for the summer? Help is still needed throughout the month of June at Campus Kitchens. Shifts are available on Sundays between 1-3 p. m. and Wednesdays between 4-6 p. m. Volunteers can cook or pick up food, organize meals and deliver meals. Call (314) 977-3881 or e-mail Jenny at [email protected] org to sign up! Volunteer for one shift or for the whole month of June, it doesn’t matter. People are just needed till the summer volunteers arrive in July. A big thanks to the ITS department for volunteering for every Monday shift! Thank you for your time and hard work.

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