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Endangered Species Essay

Endangered Species

An endangered is a species where the number of the animal’s population has decreased to a point where there is a risk of extinction. Habitat destruction, pollution, and over harvesting has led to extinction. As of 2013, studies show that global extinction threatens more than 30%of at least 70,200 species. The World Wildlife Fund has stated that one of the “great extinction episodes” of in Earth’s history is currently under way.

Animals becoming endangered is a major threat to ecosystems around the world. Animals are a part of the constant cycle that keeps the nature of it’s habitat in balance. If you were to take away the animal, it takes away a crucial part of the cycle, and many other parts of the cycle would perish without the animal’s contribution. Humans are at fault for the mass amount of endangered species because of the detrimental environmental habits that they have. This puts us to great shame and leaves us responsible for these innocent animals.

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