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Employee Safety, Health and Welfare Essay

The Company has policies and programs to address our employees’ broad range of concerns which includes working conditions, skills training, career opportunities, health and safety, and work-life balance. We have training and development programs suited to our employees’ needs. We also organize programs that support the well-being of employees, allow them to participate in PLDT’s CSR activities and obtain their feedback on company concerns. In accordance with the PLDT Personnel Manual, the Company provides medical benefits for our employees, which extends to their qualified dependents, subject to certain terms and conditions, , as well as adequate insurance coverage. The Company has also issued a Manual of Safety Practices to fulfill its commitment of providing and maintaining a safe and healthful work environment that is in accordance with industrial standards and which complies with legislative requirements.

Relevant data on Safety

The Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) programs being implemented by the Company resulted to an accumulation of more than 14,400,000 safe man-hours in 2013 without lost time accidents.

Relevant data on health and welfare

The Company’s medical benefits include the full or partial cost of doctor consultation medical tests, medicine, hospital confinements and post-operative rehabilitation. Part of our preventive medical approach is to subject employees to Annual Physical and Dental Examination (88% compliance rate in 2013). Continuous medical education fora are being conducted monthly to address common health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardio-pulmonary disease (82 conducted in 2013).

The Company ensures that work-life balance is achieved by promoting sports and recreation programs with 30 various events (basketball, bowling, family fun day, volleyball, etc.) that covered and engaged 80% of employees in 2013. Likewise, the Company aims to empower its employees by providing them livelihood workshops and seminars (candle making, food processing, etc.) to engage them in productive activities that are potential for family income augmentation.

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