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Elysian Fields Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Wheat Fields of Arabian Deserts

These wheat fields at the heart of the Arabian Deserts have fascinated me. What caught my attention to them is how interesting they look on the map. The circles of varying shapes and color intensity are like marbles scattered on the floor. I almost didn’t believe this picture at first. So much more when I researched and learned that these are actually wheat fields at the center of a desert! How could anyone grow vegetation in a desert? I thought only a cactus can survive there. And why in circular shape? As I read several articles about this, I became more interested than ever. The wheat fields are actually Saudi Arabia’s way of boosting their economy. The kingdom sought of…

How Are Othello and Blanche Dubois Alienated in Their Societies?

‘Compare the ways in which alienation of individuals from their societies is presented in the two texts you have studied.’ George Bernard Shaw once said that ‘conflict is the essence of drama’, and if that is true, then the plays Othello and A Streetcar Named Desire would thus be rife with drama, as conflict in inexorably presented by the two respective playwrights, Shakespeare and Williams, through the alienation of individuals from their societies. This creates constant conflict and friction within the plays as the relentless efforts of their ‘outsiders’ is constantly pushed back by an even greater force that rejects them from being a part of society. In each of these plays, there are common literary devices that each playwright…