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Elpidio Quirino Essay Topics & Paper Examples

E Quirino And Magsaysay

“Every epoch has its own heroes and every hero has his own epoch.” – E. Quirino Elpidio R. Quirino First term: April 17, 1948-December 30, 1949 (succeeded) Second term: December 30,1949-December 30, 1953 (elected) November 16, 1890 – February 29, 1956 Elpidio Rivera Quirino Accomplishments/Achievements: 1. The establishment of the Agricultural Credit Cooperative Financing Administration (ACCFA) to help farmers market their crops and save them from usurers. 2. The establishments of rural banks in the provinces to give load to farmers at low interest rates. 3. The creation of new government agencies to handle labor problems and to take care of and distribute relief to poor families as well as to the victims of natural disasters such as fires, floods,…