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Electronic Health Records and Our Government Essay

Electronic Health Records involvement in health care reform is at the main focus of lowering the cost to make care more affordable and improvement in the quality of care patients receive. The transition to electronic health records for the last couple years have been driven by offered incentives through the government. As the time pass by the popularity of electronic health record system increase more and more. EHR Systems involvement with government health care reforms in 2010

Financial incentives were aligned to encourage the adoption of EHR. To further support the transition to EHR funds were also provided to train health care professionals on how to us EHR in a meaningful manner. The incentives decline every year until 2015 when it will then be mandatory. After the deadline of 2015 not being in compliance will result in being penalized financially. In order to receive the incentives there are very specific guidelines and requirements that must be fulfilled. Some examples of requirements are EHR systems that record BMI (body mass index), patient demographics, as well as 40% of prescriptions must be submitted electronically. EHR Systems involvement with government health care reforms in 2011

The reporting year begins for eligible professions on January 1st. Medicare EMR incentive program registration began in January 3rd. In April Attestation began. In May Payments began. July 3rd was the last day for eligible hospitals to begin their 90 day reporting period to demonstrate meaningful use for the Medicare EMR incentive program. September 30th was the last day of reporting year ends for eligible hospitals. October 1st was the last day for eligible professionals to begin their 90 day reporting period for calendar year 2011. December 31st the reporting year ends for eligible professions. Out of 57% of office based physicians that were using HER systems only 34% met the criteria to receive incentives. (CDC) EHR Systems involvement with government health care reforms in 2013 According to the CDC By this time fifty percent of doctors and eighty percent of hospitals were receiving incentives for using EHR meaningfully. Before the encouragement of transitioning to EHR by president Obama only seventeen percent of physicians were using it. (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services) It was predicted by the congressional budget office that “the federal government will be saving close to twelve billion by converting to electronic health records”.(U.S. Department of Health & Human Services)

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