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Electromagnetic spectrum Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Point to Point Microwave

Batangas State University College of Engineering, Architecture, Fine Arts and Computing Sciences Electronics and Engineering Department Point to Point Microwave Design Submitted by: Brondial, Marlon Ereño, Aileen M. Recio, Jeselle V. De Padua, Kristian Mhar G. Submitted to: Engr. Albertson D. Amante 1 Contents Chapter I. The Problem and It’s Background I – A. Introduction I – B. Background of the Location I – C. Objectives I – D. Significance of the Study I – E. Definition of Terms 4 5 8 9 9 Chapter II. Review of Related Literature II – A. Microwave System Overview II – B. Microwave Transmission II – C. Frequency Ranges II – D. Microwave sources II – E. Microwave Path Design II – F….