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Electric charge Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Physics Lab: Electric Field Lines

In this lab we will study the equipotential lines in an electric field in order to study the structure of the electric lines of force. We will plot the position of electric field lines in a given electric field using both a manual method and a computer software program. There is an electric field in any region where there is a force on an electric charge at rest. It is convenient to represent an electric field by the lines of force. The direction of the lines is the direction of the force on a positive electric charge in the field. The electric field intensity at any point is the force that would be exerted on a positive test charge, +q,…

Books and Ebooks

In time of technical progress e-books are getting more popular day by day, but still most of the people prefer hard copy of books and do not support new fashion wave. Book has always been the best present for any kind of occasion, it is something that does not have an expiration date and it will always be in fashion. However, you cannot give e-book as present, of course you can send my e-mail, but you cannot put your sign and it sort of loosing meaning as a present, because you cannot touch it. On the other hand prices for e-books are lower and you can get a variety of free e-books, so everyone can enjoy literature from all of…