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Electoral Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The American Electoral System

The American electoral system is essentially based on political efficiency and partial representation. Political efficiency may be defined as expedient balance between imminent interests. Partial representation means instructional politics. These two principles govern the interest-aggregation process, and in general, political dynamics in democratic countries. Background At the Constitutional Convention, the Virginia Plan was used as the basis for discussion and debate. The Virginia Plan called for the executive to be chosen by the legislature (by open ballot). Delegates from the majority of states agreed to this method of election. However, the so-called ‘Committee of Eleven’ formed to labor out details which included the mode of election of the executive. The committee recommended that the election be by a group of…

Should the Electoral College vote take precedence over popular vote?

Since the controversial 2000 votes that saw George Bush being elected to presidency with majority of electoral collage votes, locking out Al Gore who had majority of votes nationwide, there have been demands for a change in the way presidents are elected. People and particularly democrats have been demanding for a change with some believing that the 2000 elections had been “stolen” despite the facts pointing to the constitution as the basis of his victory. Because the Electoral collage is formed by representatives elected from all states, it can be entrusted with the responsibility of choosing the top leaders because it ensures a balance in votes between states. It can take preference over popular vote because at times there may…