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Eisner Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Naïve Princess: Disney and the Exhortation of Gender Roles

Introduction Disney is a glimmer in all of our pasts. We all have been affected in some way or another by The Walt Disney Company. Most of us have even taken the Great American Pilgrimage: Disneyland. Disney is a huge force in the child’s industry, even close to a monopolization of the industry. Since Disney has such a strong grasp on the culture of modern children’s society, if we truly value the future of our culture and our children’s children then we must critical analyze the messages that are being sent. Are the stories and fairytales that are being told ones we want our children to hear? As Walt Disney once said “I think of a child’s mind as a…

The Walt Disney Company Case

Why has Walt Disney been so successful for so long? Disney’s long term success lies mainly in the quality and type of product it creates and the firm’s successful and tactful management of its creative content and resource s. At its core Disney, unlike many other content providers has the ability to reuse and remake previous content. A demonstration of this ability is the current re-release of a 3D version of The Lion King that is current in theater. This ability to reuse content is achieved because Disney can market its children’s movies to each new generation of children and to their parents, with whom many of their productions once resonated with. Disney has exploited this aspect of their business…