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Eigenface Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Going Mobile: Pros and Cons of Cell Phones

NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology Multan, Pakistan (Federal degree awarding Institute) The project Implementation of Face Recognition based Attendance System presented by: Ramsha Tariq Zaira Ashraf Fatima Masood (2K9-CSE-129) (2K9-CSE-130) (2k9-CSE-153) Under the supervision of their project advisor and approved by the project Examination committee, has been accepted by the NFC Institute of Engineering & Technology, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the four year Degree of B.Sc (Computer Systems Engineering). (Engr. Shahzad Ashraf) Lecturer Internal Examiner (Dr. M Shoaib) Professor External Examiner  (Dr. Kamran Liaqat Bhatti) Associate Professor Head, Department of Electrical Engineering Page 2 Dedication This project work has been dedicated to our beloved parents and teachers who inspired us to higher ideas of life. Page…