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Egoism and Utilitarianism Essay

Egoism focuses on what would make a person happy regardless of the actions one takes in order to fulfill desires of heart. It refers to the ability of considering oneself first, and others later. A person strives to achieve what she/he feels that will make her/him better-off without putting in mind the effects of personal actions on others. Egoists do things to only please themselves and not others. Moral value is determined on what is done rather than the consequences the action.

However, it seems impossible to please self while being under directive of someone else. Utilitarianism on the other hand advocates for the happiness of many. Utilitarianism works on the principle of utility whereby, service to others is given priority to maximize happiness in many people and not to an individual. Utilitarianism puts upon the consequences of an action first in contrast to egoism. Mill’s Notion of happiness

Mills notion of happiness puts forward the common sense or intuition which cannot be taken as a basis for discerning moral correctness. What is correct through common sense may fail to be correct morally and can end up hurting other people. Though intrinsically, one can have a conviction of doing a thing because by use six sense or intuition. However, this is not always correct as such actions may be influenced by other factors. Therefore, this can curtail happiness of many thereby breaking the principle of utilitarianism.

Following this principle, a person may endeavor to make others happy by carrying out actions that do not contravene the societal standards of what is morally right and ultimately avoid hurting others. According to Mill, the search of happiness is the determining factor of all the actions taken by a person. Work cited Mill, John, S. , Utilitarianism, London, Savill and Edwards printers, 1863, Retrieved from http://www. archive. org/stream/a592840000milluoft/a592840000milluoft_djvu. txt on 26 May 2010

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