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Effects of Terrorism in Africa Essay

Terrorism can be defined as the deliberate use of violence by persons or groups to attain certain goals through threatening a large audience, further than that of the immediate victim (cited in Crenshaw, 1994). Though the intentions of terrorists may contrast, their activities follow a regular pattern with terrorist cases occurring in a number of forms: suicide attacks, airplane hijackings, assassinations, kidnapping, bombings, and threats. Intentions of terrorist attacks are to put plenty of pressures to a government so that it can give political privileges (Davis, 2010, p. 43).

Throughout history, terrorism occurrences have been rampant throughout the world. In Africa, terrorism attacks have rendered immense consequences. These consequences can assume a variety of forms ranging from casualties, a heightened worry level, destroyed buildings, and countless economic costs. Usually, African countries prone to terrorist attacks are; democratic in character or are in a wholly inefficient dictatorship (Crenshaw, 1994, p. 96).

Terrorists time and again target to attack economic interests that are of figurative importance to the target system. This can cut state income flows and dispirit foreign investment, both of which deteriorate the government’s economic support base. Mostly, terrorists target tourism industries and hospitality sectors. These renders African states a huge blow economically though losses that trickle down to other industries e. g. the insurance industries incurs losses through immense insurance claims (Whittaker, 2003).

Acts of terrorism have also potentially impacted negatively on freedom and human rights of Africans. These freedom and human rights are; rights to freedom of expression, security of individual, religion, opinion, demonstration, assembly and belief. Therefore, terrorism poses a threat to the political and social values that are in many ways associated with the full enjoyment of fundamental freedoms and human rights (Davis, 2010).

In conclusion, all terrorism occurrences involve violence or the threat of violence. Violence can be committed by persons or groups. Terrorism not only weakens confidence in African governments, but it also generates panic amongst citizens of a state. References Crenshaw, M. (1994). Terrorism in Africa. New York: G. K. Hall. Davis, J. (2010). Terrorism in Africa: The evolving front in the War on Terror. Lanham, MEd: Lexington Books Whittaker, D. J. (2003). The terrorism reader. London: Rutledge

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