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Effectiveness Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Individual Paper on Self-Improvement Personal Effectiveness

During this phase of my life that is the university life where everyone seems to be in a rush to complete the tasks and meet some deadlines, I face the problem of optimizing my time utilization and concentrating on required task. This has been a serious issue because I have time to allocate for each task but I waste a lot of time doing useless activities during that time which stops me from achieving the desired results. For instance I know I have a quiz the next day. The perfect preparation would be going through the lecture slides, lecture notes and doing all available practice questions. Instead of starting in the morning I would rather waste my time here and…

Effectiveness of Bollinger Band in Signaling

Financial markets are the most difficult markets to operate in when determining the price at which stocks (bonds and foreign exchange are trading). Since stocks trade for long duration of time, traders need to know the appropriate time to buy or sell their stocks. To do this, they must have perfect information on the trends in the market through the market indicators. These indicator are always not obvious and at times require technical devices to show exactly how the trend of a particular stock ha been moving for a period of time (Bollinger 56). A trader can calculate deviations of the prices of that particular that he/she intends to trade and observe it. Though this is one way of observing…

Biomedical research: Propolis

Propolis is the focus of a large number of research projects.[21] Some preliminary research findings (published in the biomedical literature), together with their limitations, are described below. Readers are reminded that the following information represents preliminary research and does not constitute medical advice. Readers are directed to their local physician or healthcare provider for medical advice. As an antimicrobial[edit] Preliminary scientific studies show some types of propolis have in vitro antibacterial[22] and antifungal[23] activity (with active constituents including flavonoids like galangin[24] and hydroxycinnamic acids like caffeic acid[25]). In the absence of any in vivo or clinical studies however, it is not clear if this antimicrobial activity has any therapeutic relevance. As an emollient Preliminary in vivo studies with rats suggest…