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Effective communication Essay

Describe situations where you have effectively demonstrated each of the forms of communication mentioned

Effective communication is an important part of my job role. On a daily basis I need to communicate with various different people. Firstly, I have to collect the information from various parts of our organisation, this is normally done over email, however on some occasions this requires further explanation and this would be done over the telephone or face to face. Once the information is prepared, I distribute this via emails, internally to the managers to review. Once this has been reviewed by the management team, I then distribute this externally to the client. What did you do to help communicate effectively?

I send out the ‘raw data’ to the client each week, however I then send out a pack that summarises the figures in a clear and precise format. For the period review, the data is put into a PowerPoint presentation. The client gets a copy of the slides that we discuss. We discuss each meeting whether anything should be changed going forward. There have been occasions we have gone into more detail, and others where we have summarised as the client is happy with the figures behind this. How have your communication skills helped you to improve your performance elsewhere? The effective communication in this particular example has increased my confidence in certain areas. I also think that by asking for feedback regularly, I can ensure I am reporting exactly what people want to see in the formats they want too. I have applied this to other areas of my job role.

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