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Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Behavior on the Youth of Pakistan Essay

In our research we have to just focus on the youth so our target area is “Lahore” because more than 75% are students are here. We chose Lahore as my population because it is well develop city and here large number of consumer’s are educated as compare to other many cities. More over people from all over Pakistan are living in Lahore.

Sample size

A sample of two hundred consumers was chosen on the basis of simple random sampling because the respondent are divided on the bases of demographic factor like age. We categories the sample of 200 respondents 160 males and 40 females because mostly females do not gave proper response.

Sampling Technique

The data has been collected from the respondent living in Lahore with the help of Mail questionnaires, consisting of 12 questions were developing to quantify my observation and give study a direction. we chose the probability based simple random sampling because the respondents are divided on the bases of demographic factor like age(16 to 30).

Unit of analyses

In this research paper we chose the individual person through the mail questionnaire because every individual have its own perception regarding buying so they individually can easily gave response that either celebrity endorsement effect on buying behavior or not.

Research Instrument

When we choosing a research instrument we focus on dimension of variable and also validity and reliability of variable so, we chose the scaling method as research instrument. Through scaling method we easily measure the idea, concept theme and document of research problem. We use likert scale in our questionnaire.

Data collection method

Basically in this paper two types of data have been used. Both are listed below: I. Primary data Primary data is the one which is collected from the scratch meaning that the data is collecting from the source and it has not changed hands. In this paper primary data has been collected from the respondents from Lahore via mail questionnaire that consist of 12 questions. The questions were structured, placed in a sequence to understand the consumer perception. The respondents were chosen randomly and the data obtained from their questionnaires was analyzed to come up with the findings.

II. Secondary data

Secondary data is the one which is collected from secondary source. This research study also contains secondary data .The secondary data was collected for the purpose of literature review. The secondary data was collected from different research journals and furthermore from different websites were used for this purpose.

Data Organization

Data organization is also called data washing. Data washing means separate the data of out layer and those respondents who just fill the questionnaires without any thinking.

Reliability and Validity of Data

In this step of research design check the data validity and reliability so, for checking the validity and reliability of data we focus on different test. We choose the t-test for checking the validity and reliability of our research study.

Data analysis

In this research paper for the analysis of data we focus on goodness of data, hypothesis testing and also focus on feel for data. In goodness of data we see the reliability and validity of data and in hypothesis testing we see that either my research study approve or disapprove. We analyze our data by regression and simple percentage method by using SPSS software.

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