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Education system Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Injustice in the Education System

Educational inequality takes place where the worth of education accessible to pupils is directly related to their class. Unequal allocation of resources to children with different socioeconomic status backgrounds has been linked to lower test scores and low college enrolment rates. However re cent researched proved that as of the moment there are three preeminent educational injustices that infects almost all kinds of education systems, and these are: Educational promotion inequalities (or) Arbitrary tracking systems, racial categorization (gender, geographic, institutional) and Displacement of control (misallocation, disproportion, unresponsive. ) In the U. S. , school quality and availability of resources are determined by the amount of funding that schools receive. The amount of funding schools receive is determined to a large…

High Stakes Test

In January 2008, former President Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA) with the intention of improving the education system (Wrightslaw, 2009). The reform law mandated states to create and implement annual standardized tests to measure reading and math skills of students from grades three to eight (James, 2008b). Until today, however, the validity and effectiveness of NCLBA is still debated, with numerous teachers, students, and their parents protesting against it and believing it does more damage than good for the children taking it. The news article written by Susan James (2008a) presented the conflicting opinions regarding the NCLBA and the purposes it serves. On one hand, the authorities are saying the reform ensures schools’ accountability for the…