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Education of First Nations of Canada Essay

It has been observed that education on the First Nations have been a problem in the academe because of low academic performance, high attrition, poor retention, weak persistence and many more negative feedbacks. It is the purpose of the researcher to investigate on this problem. It is important that in the education of people the four R’s must be present and observed. The four R’s are respect, relevance, reciprocity, and responsibility.

If the First Nations are seen to have been under-represented in Colleges and Universities, it might be that the four R’s have never been taken into serious consideration in dealing with the First Nations of Canada. This research then intends to review literature and earlier studies to find out about the history of the education of the First Nations of Canada. It shall visit the University of Calgary sites to observe and document through pictures the structure of the academic environment that brought about the education of the First nations which has caused a lot of frustrations not only in the education sector but also in the business world.

The field project is relevant as it shall give a first hand information to the researcher and it shall provide the opportunity to draw objective and reliable conclusion as regards to the kind of education the First Nations of Canada have.

Reference: Alaska Native Knowledge Network. (2008). First nations of Canada. Retrieved, June 9, 2009 from http://www. ankn. uaf. edu/IEW/firstnat. html

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