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Education As The Key To Our Problems Essay

We have progressed economically and technologically but on the human front there is a lot of suffering the exists in our societies .the root cause of these problems are lack of self fulfilment of man . There is an urgent need in our society to bring about a change .the pace of our lives is increasing due to all the technological developments that are taking place . It is becoming difficult to keep pace with it on the emotional front . People have no time . Social media has played an very important role in bringing people closer but the human aspect of physical interaction has become minimal . These days both parents are working and the is very little time to bring up children . Children are our future . How can we bring up fulfilled and well balanced adults in this environment is the vital question. It is important to educate adults (parents) that giving the right environment to a child even before it is born is important . The age of a child from 0 to 6 years are the most crucial years .

It is important to focus our attention on children and their growth if we need a healthy society . It is our duty to focus on the child as adults come into being from children .we need to educate our young in order to develop a new generation of fulfilled and well balanced adults . It has to be realised the the child is not an empty vessel . All children are born with an in built potential that has to be nurtured , protected and given the right environment to develop . For this there needs to be an awakening to the need to focus on the child and the role of the adult. For this the adult must realise that it is years of hard work patience , care ,study and practice that will give rise to a mature and balanced adult.the adult also needs to understand his relation with the child. This is the key to progress in society.

It is important to free the child of his dependency on the adult if we want him to develop into a free and independent person. This education is very important for our society and the world as a whole . The Montessori Method is a wonderful way to explain these crucial n delicate aspect of a child .It helps us to understand how to relate to the child.

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