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Economic Environment Essay

We aim to provide the public with an effective and cheap solution in cleaning their clothes. We carry this out with a Triple-Action Laundry detergent which has an anti-bacteria content that also leaves the clothes clean, good as new and scented. Target Market Our target consumers are between the ages of 11 and 60 who can wash clothes and are responsible in choosing laundry detergents to use (cited in Phil48Girl, 2010). Our customers are normally member of the household and wash their own clothes.

We consider not only the mother but everybody who needs their clothes clean and fragrant without spending a lot. Direct Competitors There are several laundry detergent brand manufacturers. But, only some are real companies. There are solo individuals that are also marketing in small towns. However, our product will speak for itself as it is very effective, very gentle to clothes and with adorable scent. We will also apply a door-to-door marketing strategy to introduce our product directly to our customers that other companies haven’t tried before.

Political-Legal Environment We will manage to prepare legal papers and permits allowing us to do our marketing and productions on each place to avoid illegal problems. Social-Cultural Environment Social Medias like TV and radio, as well as, social networking online using Facebook and Twitter will be used as leverage. Our customers are well exposed to such Medias. Economic Environment Our product is immune with the economic crisis as we are offering it in a very low cost. Our customers are flexible and not affected as they need our product regularly.

Technological Environment Our productions are well supported with generators for incidental loss of electricity. We also maintain substitute equipments when the manufacturing system is down. Summary The above analysis is reasonably confident enough to enter the actual market. Introducing the Triple-Action Laundry detergent, that is very affordable in price. There is a maximum range of prospect consumers in the market as everybody needs our product. Strategic marketing will be imposed as the company aim to reach more customers by bringing the product directly to their homes.

The company will maintain the brand name in legal processes and will reach more people through social Medias and computer technology. We are also flexible to adjust technically in terms of economic and technological problems once occured. The above is a list of actions which needs to be executed properly, as a marketing plan with no reverberation of tactical foundation is useless (cited in Wikipedia, 2010). Considering the analysis of the different environment in this report brings out what to do and what should not be done during the process.

Careful manipulation and management requires cooperation and good leadership to accomplish the goal. References: More Business (2010, March 26) Sample Marketing Pla. March 26, 2010, from www. morebusiness. com/templates_worksheets/bplans/printpre. brc Phil48Girl (2010, March 26) How to Teach Your Children to Wash Clothes. March 26,2010 from http://www. ehow. com/how_4693877_teach-children-wash-clothes. html Wikipedia (2010, March 26) Marketing Plan. March 26,2010 from http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Marketing_plan

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