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Economic crisis Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The threat of the global economic crisis

The economic crisis of United States of America has made its way to the economies of the Central Asian nations. The global economic crisis is showing its impact upon the economy of Tajikistan. This global crisis is threatening not only the economy of the country; but also its internal stability. This current downturn seems to have crippled the entire country. The history of Tajikistan does not boast of internal stability, as it has plunged into civil war that had destroyed the very economy of the state. Through this paper, the threat of the global economic crisis on remittances and towards the economy would be studied. In addition, the impact of this crisis over the internal stability of Tajikistan would also…

How Have Us-China Relationship Been Refashioned By The Crisis

The economic crisis experienced over the recent past has had a resoundingly negative effect across the globe. Altman (2009a, p. 527) describes it as “the worst in over 75 years. ” Different people and different occurrences contributed variedly toward this crisis. However, most researchers tend to point fingers towards the US and blame it solely for orchestrating the crisis through its dubious economic policies and financial excesses (Dibb, 2009, p. 3 and Altman, 2009a, p. 527). Wright (2009, p. 59) furthers this ideology by saying that the recession originated in New York and, and like a wildfire, spread to Asia and other parts of the world. According to Altman (2009b, p. 5), as a result, “The overall picture is a…